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Jan 28, 2011

TV-Band White Spaces Database Providers list officially released

Database providers.One year after the proposals by TV-Band white-spaces database providers the FCC released recently the next steps in this matter. As it was expected the FCC opted for license the spectrum database to multiple providers:

"While the operation of multiple database administrators may present some coordination challenges, we find it is in the public interest to have multiple parties developing business models for this new mechanism."

It results that all the proposals from last year have been "conditionally" selected:
  • Google
  • CommSearch
  • FrequencyFinder
  • KB Enterprieses/LS Telcom
  • Key Bridge
  • NeuStar
  • Spectrum Bridge
  • Telcordia
  • WSdB
The details of the database architecture are not complete. To this end, database providers have to complete their proposals to address the new rules and attend the following OET Workshops. As I commented before, the providers were conditionally selected. From the announcement:

"we are designating the database administrators subject to a number of conditions, including that they attend workshops to be conducted by OET and perform real-world testing of their databases to ensure they provide accurate results before they are made available for use by TV bands devices"

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