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Mar 30, 2010

Mitola's view on the future of Cognitive Radio

Joseph Mitola III.One of the first references in each paper related to Cognitive Radio is the landmark work by Dr Joseph Mitola III. I just catched through the Cognitive Radio Group in linkedin an interesting (and insightful) interview with him titled Future of Cognitive Radio. Two of his two comments called my attention, the first refers to the current development of cognitive networks

[...] DoD [United States Department of Defense] is moving into the age of dynamic spectrum access (DSA), which is the key near-term contribution of cognitive radio. Industry leaders like Nokia have adopted cognitive radio within allocated spectrum bands to more effectively manage heterogeneous spectrum and femtocell dynamics, moving network intelligence to the radios [...]"

and the second about the challenges left in cognitive radio systems

[...] There are no key challenges in spectrum sensing at the physical layer. [...] the major issues have to do with market structure and not technology per se. The FCC spectrum occupancy database ruling removed regulatory barriers, so the key issues now have to do with cognitive networks, particularly of the integration of space-time-RF databases into cognitive networks."

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