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Apr 5, 2010

Patents related to Cognitive Radio

Patents related to cognitive radio. If you wonder who is taking positions in the upcoming fight for the future Cognitive Radio standards just take a look to this chart showing the patents related to cognitive radio approved in the first quarter of 2010 by Tech & IP. The three leading companies in number of patents are Motorola (with 14% of the patents), Samsung (14%) and Qualcomm (8%):

While Motorola is one of the greatest contributors of cognitive radio research (with numerous technical contributions in IEEE DySPAN, European End-to-End Reconfigurability Project, SDR Forum, ...) most of its work was about integrating next generation “cognitive” handsets into current telecommunication infrastructure. On the other hand Samsung actively participated into the development of the elaboration of the IEEE 802.22 proposal, first CR-oriented standard. Its efforts focused mainly on pushing their spectrum sensing technologies. While Qualcomm is yet focused on the development of LTE, it is also taking positions with its patents on cognitive radio.

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