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Sep 23, 2010

Final FCC rules for the unlicensed use of the TV white spaces today?

Cognitive Radio let's go!The FCC is expected to release today the final rules for the use of TV white space spectrum in the US. The previous version of these rules, published almost two years ago, generated several protests by (both aerial and cable TV) broadcasters and raised additional technical issues seeking reconsideration of the 2008 rules. However during these two years the FCC authorized several tests and trials in order to evaluate the benefits and possible problems the unlicensed access to the TV band. The FCC also received database proposals from different companies to enable the use of geolocation based devices, and allowed the time for the digital transition process to complete.

While this happens in the US, Europe is still a step behind. Recently the CEPT SE43 workgroup, which is developing recommendations for the unlicensed use of 470-790 MHz in Europe, participated in the 57th WG SE meeting. A final version of the Draft rules for European White Space Devices (draft ECC Report 159) has been approved for public consultation (see pages 17-18 of this document). After a two weeks pre-consultation period within administration, the public consultation will start on the 30th of September. However, from the documents currently available, additional studies will be probably required before the definitive report is published.

In the (hopefully) near future I will go over the FCC decision and the ECC Report.

Edit: Here my comments on the FCC decision.

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