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Jun 10, 2010

Mixing cognitive radio, WiMAX, LTE and more.

Neutrine.I just updated the Cognitive Radio Calls & Conferences section with a couple of upcoming conferences and workshops. Also related, this year's International Software Radio Conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in London with Dr Joe Mitola III as keynote speaker. presents a article with the key points of the workshop:
The programme for the International Software Radio Conference focussed mainly on the military developments being undertaken in the software radio and cognitive radio arenas. However many elements were still applicable to the commercial environment because many of the basic challenges remain the same.

In another line of thoughts, at the Virginia Tech Wireless Symposium James Neel, president of Cognitive Radio Technologies, offered a presentation on Emerging Wireless Standards. In his tutorial James Neel offers an exhaustive view of both deployed and emerging wireless standards, including cognitive radio.

One of the slides is related to my post Will LTE kill WiMAX?:

Wimax vs. LTE

This slide documents how most of the companies that initially supported WiMAX where moving either to a LTE network or a mixed WiMAX/LTE network.

Finally say that I have now access to the proceedings of the ICC 2010. I will post a comment on some of the papers presented in last week's post Spectrum sensing at the ICC as soon as I have some time.

Image credit: Wikimedia commons. The world's first neutrino observation in a hydrogen bubble chamber was found Nov. 13, 1970, on this historical photograph from the Zero Gradient Synchrotron's 12-foot bubble chamber.

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Blogger cold_punk said...

heyloo boss !! ur work on CR is pretty interesting.I hav been following ur blog .Im pondering over a project on CR.why wont u guide me,please.I ll be much obliged.dont forget to buzz mail id ""

August 26, 2010 at 7:58 AM  

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